Product Listing Policy



    1. The Seller acknowledges and accepts that the SwishTT platform (‘the Site”) will be used only for the sale of new or gently used clothing and clothing accessories. Other items are not permitted for sale and if posted will be removed from the Site and the Seller’s account may be terminated.
    1. The Seller agrees that it will not post for sale any item that is restricted or prohibited by Trinidad and Tobago laws and regulations or prohibited by a federal, state or local law in any country or jurisdiction in which you are resident. The Site functions as a   global marketplace and Identity Limited prohibits sale and or posting any items on the Site which may encourage illegal activities, promote violence or racial/religious discrimination, or intolerance, pornographic material or materials of a sexual nature, giveaways, lotteries, raffles, or contests not approved by the relevant regulatory authority where such approval is required. 
    1. Identity Limited in its sole and exclusive discretion, reserves the right to impose additional restrictions and prohibitions as it sees fit without prior notice.
    1. Identity Limited prohibits the listing of and sale of articles of clothing or identification that claim to be, or appear similar to, official government, police, army, defence force or coast guard uniforms and badges issued by the relevant authorities in Trinidad and Tobago or by the government and/ or law officials of another country.  
    1. Identity Limited prohibits the listing of counterfeits, non-licensed replicas, or unauthorized items, such as counterfeit designer garments, watches, handbags, sunglasses, or other accessories on the Site. If the products sold bear the name or logo of a company but did not originate from or were not endorsed by that company, such products may be prohibited from the Site unless approval was given from the owner of the Intellectual property for the sale of same. In any event, the Seller will indemnify Identity Limited from any and all claims arising out of breach of this clause including but not limited to claims from the purchasers and other third party. 
    1. Identity Limited reserves the right to remove a member from the site due to repeated postings of counterfeit or unauthorized items.
    1. The Seller warrants that its product descriptions, media and inventory are accurate and current and include details of the exact condition of the product for sale, including flaws or defects, if any.
    1. The Seller warrants that it has the right to sell the product so advertised.


2.1 All sales are final subject to any exception stated in the Return and Refund Policy. The Buyer acknowledges and accepts that there will be no returns or refunds otherwise. The Buyer agrees that it will not contest or take action against Identity Limited in respect of any sales transaction whether completed or aborted before completion or in respect of any refund or failure by the Seller to compensate or provide restitution to the Buyer.

2.2 The Buyer agrees and accepts that returns and refunds will only be accepted if the product purchased was inaccurately described by the Seller. The Buyer must request the return and refund within two (2) days of receiving the inaccurately described item.

2.3 The Seller bears full liability for its product descriptions and further agrees to indemnify Identity Limited for all costs incurred as a result of inaccurate product descriptions. 

2.4 Once an order is confirmed, the Buyer will not have the option to cancel the order or part of an order unless the Seller cannot provide the item in a timeframe consistent with the Site’s stated delivery timeframe. The Buyer agrees that it will not contest or take action against Identity Limited in respect of same.

2.5 If a Seller receives an order and the Seller fails to provide the item within two (2) days of receiving the order notification, the order may be cancelled and the Seller’s account will be disabled. The user will have the option to re-register as a Seller at any time but the account will remain offline until approval is granted by Identity Limited to take the Seller  account online.

2.6 Upon registering for a SwishTT Seller account, the Seller agrees to pay a commission of TTD$50 for items priced up to TTD$150 and 30% for items priced greater than TTD$150 which the Seller sells through the Site. These fees will be automatically deducted when the item is sold.

2.7 Should a Buyer request a return and refund for an item that was inaccurately described by the Seller on the listing and the request is accepted by Identity Limited, the Seller hereby agrees to forfeit the earnings from the sale of that item and reimburse Identity Limited for all costs incurred in connection therewith including but limited to legal fees, delivery costs, transaction fees and administrative and support fees. The amount may be deducted from the Seller’s SwishTT Wallet balance or Identity Limited may invoice the Seller for the amount owed. 

2.8 The Seller is liable for product descriptions and will indemnify Identity Limited for all costs incurred as a result of inaccurate product descriptions.

2.9 After an order is completed, the Seller’s earnings will appear as store credit via the website’s Wallet feature. Wallet balances can be used to shop on the SwishTT website or users can redeem Wallet balances by requesting a bank transfer or cheque via the Cash Out Request page. 

3.0 In the event that the SwishTT website must cease operations for any reason, all users with a Wallet balance will be contacted via the email address on their user profiles and instructed to redeem Wallet balances via the Cash Out Request process within thirty (30) days of such notice. Should a Seller fail to submit the Cash Out Request within thirty (30) days of receiving such notice, the Wallet balance will be forfeited.

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